4 Things to Do and See in China

If you’re travelling to China, you’ve probably got the more ‘obvious’ tourist sights listed in your itinerary; the Forbidden City, Terracotta Army and, of course, the Great Wall. If you’re looking for inspiration for not-so-common things to see and do in this wonderful country, we’ve listed four of our top picks below.

Hanging Temple of Hengshan – Shanxi province

From afar, you may not be able to really distinguish the Hanging Temple in Datong city, as it seems to blend into the mountains thanks to its colouring. But as you get closer, you’ll notice all the wonderful and intricate details of this building that was constructed in the fifth century. Confucianism, Taoism and Buddhism have all been practised here throughout its history.

If you’re really brave, you can also cross the hanging plank bridge, a ten-metre link between the south and north parts of the temple.

Huang Shan – Anhui province

Meaning ‘Yellow Mountain’, Huang Shan is what many people say is the perfect mountain, and even though it is incredibly popular you can still find pockets in the forest that provide you with a tranquil and quiet escape. At the very top of these high mountains you’ll see mist swirling, and how close you get depends on how you choose to tackle Huang Shan. With routes ranging from easy to demanding, you can spend two hours to three days on this mountain.

Fire-breathing opera – Chengdu – Sichuan province

Chengdu is a modern city that proudly upholds amazing Sichuanese traditions. Whether you’re hankering for a hotpot or wanting to play Mahjong in a teahouse, you’ll find authentic experiences here. The one thing you can’t miss, however, is the Sichuan opera. From the late seventeeth century, the opera has been performed with puppetry, humour and storytelling (and more!) weaved together flawlessly. Most shows also end with an incredible fire-breathing act that you’ll rave about for months!

Qingdao – Shandong province

In the nineteenth century, Qingdao was home to a German military base, giving the coastal city a European feel. The Tsingtao brewery was established by some of the German residents and is sold all over the world to this day. You’d be forgiven for thinking you were in Germany, thanks to the cobbled streets, Bavarian architecture and little churches in the town’s centre, but when you enter one of the markets you’ll find the spine of Chinese essence is still strong. Buy shells from the beaches nearby, or get amazingly fresh and tasty seafood.

China is home to much more than just the Great Wall – be sure to explore this varied and interesting country beyond the traditional tourist destinations and see a side of China you never knew existed!

Tourist Attractions To See In Singapore

Singapore may be the smallest nation by land area but it is the most prosperous in South East Asia. Over the years, it has made itself known as one of the top choices for first-time international travel, metropolitan luxuries, and family-oriented vacations.

If you are travelling to Singapore soon, here are some of the places that you should visit:

Singapore Zoo. Get up close to orangutans and dodge Malaysian flying foxes. The Singapore zoo is a combination of a zoo and a botanic garden. It has 26 soothing hectares so there is a lot of lands to cover.

National Gallery Singapore. This National Gallery is the country’s City Hall and Old Supreme Court buildings hold a world-class collection of 19th century and modern Southeast Asia Gallery.

Baba House. How about visiting the country’s best-preserved Peranakan heritage homes at Baba House. This gorgeous blue three-storey building that was built in the 1890s was given to the National University of Singapore by a member of the family that once lived in the property. It was then renovated to match how it once looked in 1928 when it was most magnificent.

Garden by the Bay. This 21st-century botanic garden cost about S$1 billion with its 101-hectare land of biodomes and Supertrees that will make you will feel that you are in high-tech fantasy land. The Flower Dome is similar to the dry Mediterranean climates found all over the world. Two of the connecting Supertrees is the OCBC Skyway that offers knockout views of the gardens, the city and the South China Sea.

Tips On What You Can Do and Where To Go When Travelling To Italy

What can you do in Italy aside from eating and visiting popular tourist spots? Check out our list of top choices:

Play a game of finding how many “David” statues are in Florence

Do you know that the statue of David is all over Florence? Play a game while in Florence and find out how many statues of David there are. Don’t be satisfied with just seeing the real on in the Galleria dell’Accademia or just stop once you find one too in the Piazza Signoria because there are a lot more.

Wander at night at the Trastevere neighbourhood in Rome

When in Rome, expect to spend on overpriced meals especially when you are in the tourist spots. When you get tired of spending too much on food, visit the Trastevere neighbourhood in Rome where you will expect twisting cobbled streets that are quiet and peaceful during the day, but becomes different by offering cheap food at night.

Visit Pompeii

Pompeii is a very unique place that has been persevered in time. Imagine if you were in 79 A.D and experienced the wrath of Mount Vesuvius, the residents of Pompeii is for certain did not enjoy the view. Today, we can visit the not just Pompeii but also nearby Herculaneum and feel the preserved artifacts and human remains as a unique experience.

Eat two scoops of Gelato

This is the easiest you can do while in Italy and a well-deserved activity. Do not worry, since you won’t get fat. Italian ice cream is mostly made of milk and no cream so it is less fattening than you think and eating two scoops, is just a practical solution while you walk around Venice.

Tips To Help You Achieve Your Travel Goals

We all want to travel somewhere, but sometimes our hopes of going to our dream location may just be a long-dead dream. How do we change this? By being motivated. Here are some tips that can help you get that dream destination soon:

Imagine going to that trip every day

Well, if you dream it long enough, you will eventually put that into action. Keep yourself motivated by seeing images that relate to your dream destination. For instance, why not change your screensaver of your phone or laptop to your dream location. This way, you will be seeing the place every day.

Save money

This is really something we emphasize because you really cannot travel if you don’t have cash. How much you save though will depend on your spending habits and lifestyle. But for the sake of fulfilling your dream destination, try to lessen your spending and concentrate more on savings if you can.

Choose the right bank and credit card

Pick the bank that offers low fees so you can save a little bit more every month. If you can also create a travel saving account just for your travel plans the better.

Talk to your friends and family about your travel plans. Telling people about your goal will help yourself achieve that goal. Ask them if they have been to the place and if they have any recommendations for you. Bringing your travel dreams into a positive light will make the dream more real for you and for those people who hear it.